The Unsexy Products We’re Buying on Sale for Memorial Day

“You know those horrible, deep, and painful pimples that form beneath the skin? The kind that, no matter how much you poke, prod, or treat, just won’t budge or stop growing? Well, I get at least one of those every month just before my menstrual cycle—sometimes a few additional ones on my jaw—and nothing, and I mean nothing, has stopped them from getting worse, except for ZitSticka’s Killa Kit Self-Dissolving Microdart Acne Pimple Patches,” says Glamour’s beauty editor, Danielle Sinay. “I’ve ordered and reordered more times than I can count because they really do stop those underground breakouts in their tracks, something I never even realized was possible. And yes, I’m buying a few more packs now that they’re on sale.”

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