The Princess Bob Haircut Is Trending for Summer: Here's How to Get the Look

Summer hair trends may come and go, but one style is always in fashion: the bob haircut. This season’s take on the enduring chop? The A-list approved “princess bob: a chic, sharp, and super blunt style that hair pros suspect will be everywhere this summer.

“The princess bob is definitely a statement haircut; it’s perfect for those wanting to switch up their current style,” says Nicola Wood, leading hair specialist and founder of Hair Made Easi. “Sported by stars including Elle Fanning, Gigi Hadid, and Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, it’s a razor short cut that sits above the shoulders, just below the ears,” Wood continues. “The princess bob is great for those wanting a fresh, lighter cut in time for the summer heat.”

As for why this style is trending now? “2024 is the year of the bob,” says Wood—and based on how many celebs have debuted them as of late, she’s certainly not wrong. “Previous years have been dominated by big, bouncy blowouts and lengthy styles, but tis year has seen the return of the short cuts.”

Plus, ‘90s-inspired hair styles are having a moment, Wood adds. “Short, glossy, blunt bobs were really popular in the 90s and so it’s no surprise to see this making a comeback; this time with the princess bob,” she says.

princess bob haircut gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid

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princess bob haircut summer hair trends elle fanning

Another perk? According to Wood, the princess bob suits every face shape, depending on the length that you choose. “It’s a great look that can be adopted by most,” she says. “It’s a very mature, classy style that still offers a bit of edge.”

The haircut can work with all hair types, too. “Those with thinner hair, you’ll be able to stick to one length for your bob as it will sit neatly in the perfect shape around your face, however if your hair is thicker, you may want to add layers to remove some weight,” says Wood. “A thick-haired bob can sometimes look a bit too bulky if not cut correctly so don’t be afraid to add layers. Invisible layers are a popular choice with this style.”

Feeling inspired? Here’s how to achieve your own take on the look.

PRINCESS BOB HAIRCUT SUMMER The National Portrait Gallery's Portrait GalaPrincess MariaOlympia of Greece and Denmark...

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark

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summer bob haircut princess bob

“It’s important to remember that your hair is extremely personal to you, and everyone likes their styles slightly different,” says Wood. “So while hairdressers and stylists will have a vague idea about the princess bob, I would always recommend taking inspiration imagery and example photos of your exact desired style so that they have a better idea.” As per usual, it’s always best to bring inspo photos.

“For example, Gigi Hadid, Elle Fanning and Princess Olympia of Greece are 3 stars who have regularly rocked the look, but all are slightly different varieties, so it’s important to find an exact reference point,” Woods adds. Indeed, Jurnee Smollett, America Ferreira, Demi Singleton, and Minnie Mills all have variations on it too, but are all cut and styled a bit differently.

princess bob haircut summer hair trends
princess bob haircut summer trends

“It may also be useful to ask your hairdresser to style your princess bob in the way that you think will be most common for you, whether that be wavy or sleek and straight,” Woods says. “There’s nothing worse than not being able to style a new haircut that you’re unfamiliar with, so definitely take advantage of the professionals while you have them at the salon.”

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