Weekly Horoscope: July 7 to July 13, 2024

Your weekly horoscope is here. It may be Cancer season, but Venus, the planet of desire, aesthetics, and social connections, notches up the flamboyance as it flounces into the sign of Leo. A shift into entertainment, arts, and dramatic plot twists is in the stars, so enjoy the show! Follow the changes Venus makes for dating and design inspiration, so you’re always on the right side of this fast-moving muse of love. Make a grand statement. Take dates to the theater, a concert, or an art opening to nail the assignment. Dress loud and luxe for extra points; leopard print, anyone?

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of July 7 through July 13, 2024.

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The planets are making a move one by one from your domestic sphere to your zone of leisure, pleasure, and dating. Venus is the next cab off the rank as it heads into sister fire sign Leo, sparking up your lust for, well, lust, and passion for playing for laughs if not keeps. This is vacay time. Even if you’re working or studying, take breaks to spark joy, be silly, be dramatic, make a grand statement, or sweep someone off their feet. Or is that you jumping into a romantic novel or two IRL? Just watch the drama and don’t catastrophize if someone isn’t returning your call immediately. Already partnered? Head out on lush dates and don’t do understated. This is a sultry balcony scene, so be romanced to an inch of your comfort zone and then some. As a sign of hot pursuit, don’t stand on tradition. Make your move when you see what or who you want; let them know. If they’re interested, they’ll say hey.

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Bring the social side into your domestic sphere as Venus, the planet of love, connection, and beauty, takes up residence. This is your hostess-with-the-mostest moment, turning conversation into a more dramatic arrangement. Think salons where each guest recites a poem, regales with a tale, or otherwise takes a leap into grand entertainment gestures. If you’re not quite ready to foster the creative arts of neighbors and family, consider taking your decorating prowess to your digs for a touch of glam. Whether it’s a splash of color on a wall or an entire overhaul, if it brings you pleasure and expresses your inner diva, do it. In the sign of Leo, over-the-top could be considered gaudy for your understated tastes. Be sure there’s no buyer’s regret after this influence has passed! Since Venus is your ruling planet, it’s especially significant, so enjoy your time at home, baking, binging a fantastic new series, or banging nails into walls to hang your latest acquisition.

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