Victoria Kalina’s Plan After Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading? Moving Out of Dallas—and Dating

Kalina then faced an even bigger question. After achieving her life’s dream at such a young age, what was next? She settled on one goal: continuing her dance career in New York.

“There’s so many dance opportunities up there, and I have always admired the Radio City Rockettes,” she says “They are absolutely fabulous and so precise in their movements. When you’re a dancer, you’re always wanting to be a Rockette.”

Moving to New York, though, is about much more than trying to reach another pinnacle of her dance dreams. More than anything, Kalina is excited to live her life on her own terms.

“I feel like since I went straight from high school to the Cowboys, this is my time that I’m finally going away for college, but for life now,” she says. “It’s definitely going to be different, but I seriously cannot wait.”

Also on the agenda? “Oh goodness. Is it silly? I’m excited to date,” she divulges.

“DCC is so time consuming, where I didn’t want to put that effort into dating when I was a cheerleader because you just never knew when an appearance would come up or when a special show would come up,” she explains. “So my whole life I ‘dated’ DCC. I’m excited to find that time in my new routine, new schedule, new life in New York City to go out with girls, to go out and about and meet some people.”

And she’s thankful for all the opportunities DCC and the show have brought her, and the conversations it’s started. One of the main criticisms of the organization since the show premiered is that the cheerleaders are paid low wages for intense, athletic performances and don’t get the respect they deserve. Kalina, however, is hopeful that the team is open to change.

“Their organization is special in the way they make tradition super important,” she says. “However, we do see that growth. Even from when my mom cheered in the ‘80s, we see that there’s been change. There’s been more pay, and there’s been more publicity. There’s been a CMT show. I think that it just is going to take more time for the whole world to be pleased and to see that. But I think it’s going to eventually change just with time.”

She’s also just as invested in the selection process for the 2024 team as we all now are. When I say I am rooting for hopefuls Kelly and Charly, who were featured on the show before being cut, to make it this year, she enthusiastically agrees.

“I fell in love with Kelly and Charly in training camp last year and absolutely loved Kelly being the New Jersey girl,” she says. “I loved Charly and her talent. I will be rooting for them, and I hope to see them on the sidelines watching on my TV, in my little apartment in New York City this season, so they have my full vote.”

Being on the sidelines now, months after she hung up her pom poms, just feels right.

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