Victoria Beckham Just Launched the Most Hilarious T-Shirt in Response to Her Big Viral Moment

Even if you haven’t (yet) seen the acclaimed Netflix documentary Beckham about the life and career of the former soccer star David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham, you probably have not escaped seeing some of the scenes from the miniseries.

Clips from it went viral on various social media platforms and were shared, liked, and commented on countless times.

This includes the scene in which Victoria Beckham is interviewed about her childhood while sitting on a couch. As she is about to talk about her parents and herself as a working class, the voice of her husband is suddenly heard off-screen, urging the former Spice Girl to be honest and reveal what car her father used to drive.

After a brief back-and-forth between the two, Beckham finally reveals, while smiling herself: “In the ’80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

It is a film clip that makes the two of them seem extremely likable in their mutual jibes. Now Victoria Beckham is now cleverly (and self-deprecatingly) making the clip’s popularity her own.

As she revealed in a short video on TikTok and Instagram, her clothing brand now has a matching slogan shirt for the scene. In black letters on a white background, it reads: “My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce.” The shirt, like a Rolls, will cost you a pretty penny: $150.

It’s a message that is presumably primarily intended for insiders of the Beckham documentary and actually less for children of real Rolls-Royce fathers. This is probably also why the former singer asks her followers in the video: “Which car did your dad drive you to school in?”

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Beckham already knows a thing or two about self-deprecating slogans on T-shirts. In the past she has sold a “Fashion Stole My Smile” shirt that shows she knows how to deal with the reactions of the public in a thoroughly humorous way.

Shop the tee here:

“My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce” Slogan T-Shirt in White

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