Toyota reveals two new EVs for China

Joining in the cavalcade of Chinese-bound EVs is Toyota. It revealed a pair of production-ready vehicles, the bZ3C and the bZ3X. Unfortunately, the company provided barely any details about these two, despite the fact they will be available to purchase.

The bZ3C (shown at top) is arguably the better looking of the two with a fastback roofline and low, wedge-shaped nose. It also sports a minimalist interior that’s given a bit more spice with the red upholstery and ambient lighting of the reveal example. Toyota says that the theme of this car was “Reboot,” and it highlighted that this model was co-developed with its BYD- and FAW-affiliated joint-venture divisions.

As for the bZ3X (shown below), it’s a fairly upright SUV, though with a pointy nose to keep it in the same design family as the bZ3C. The cabin design is pretty similar to the C, though the cream-colored upholstery is more in keeping with this model’s theme of “Cozy Home.” Toyota noted that this model was co-developed with its GAC partners.

While Toyota gave no details on pricing, performance or range, we wouldn’t be surprised if they both borrow from the previously launched bZ3 sedan. That car relies on lithium-iron-phosphate batteries from BYD, and launched with powertrains making between 178 and 238 horsepower. It also boasted a claimed range of more than 370 miles.

One thing Toyota did mention about both of these cars, though, is that they will be getting fancy driver assist systems. In fact, camera and sensor bumps and panels can be seen on the roof and fenders, similar to that found on some Lexus LS models.

We don’t expect to see any of the bZ3 models in the U.S., certainly no time soon. Being closely developed with its Chinese partners and probably using many parts from those companies, it seems clear these are very much for the Chinese market.

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