The Rolling Stones Have Even More Music With Paul McCartney In The Works

While fans eagerly await the arrival of their upcoming record, The Rolling Stones are already in a major creative swing. According to a new interview the band just took part in, the legendary rockers are hard at work on a follow-up, even before the world has heard their forthcoming set.

In a recent conversation with The New York Times
, the band’s frontman, Mick Jagger, hinted at the band’s prolific future. The rocker assuaged worried fans by saying that he didn’t believe that their upcoming project, titled Hackney Diamonds, will be “the last Rolling Stones album.”

The singer and lyricist went on to state that “We’ve got almost three-quarters through the next one,” meaning they’re already nearing completing another album.

Jagger didn’t provide any further details about their next project, and there is no timeline for when fans might get to hear something from this album, or even when The Rolling Stones will be able to finish it.

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According to a different interview with Rolling Stone, the collection of songs that may make up the band’s next album also features one of the most celebrated rockers of all time. Paul McCartney came in to play bass for the group on Hackney Diamonds, but it seems that either they were planning ahead, or perhaps some of those tunes are set to be featured on the next project.

Earlier this month, The Rolling Stones made headlines by officially announcing the impending release of their new album, Hackney Diamonds. The expected revelation came during a press conference held in London. The title is slated to arrive on October 20, and the project will reportedly feature well-known names like Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and even McCartney, though in a smaller role.

The Rolling Stones have already shared the first single from Hackney Diamonds, a tune titled “Angry.” The track arrived with a music video featuring actress Sydney Sweeney, known for her Emmy-nominated roles in hit TV shows such as Euphoria. “Angry” debuted on a handful of Billboard charts this week, showing that interest in Hackney Diamonds and all things related to the band remain high.

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