Spotify Announces New Daylist Playlist That Adapts To User’s Moods Throughout The Day

Spotify has unveiled an exciting new feature for those who listen to music throughout the entire day. Named Daylist, it’s an innovative playlist that dynamically adjusts to any user’s changing moods and listening desires throughout the day.

This announcement of the new customized and personal playlist was made by Spotify through a blog post on its official press website.

The Daylist playlist is designed to undergo multiple updates each day, ensuring that it remains in sync with what each individual user may want to hear at any given time. The new offering will “learn” what users are interested in based on continued tracking of interactions with Spotify.

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If a Spotify listener usually presses play on a specific kind of music during a certain time of the day, Daylist might offer suggestions that fit that sound, mood or style. Genre certainly plays into this new playlist, but so too do the feelings and emotions conveyed by certain types of music. For example, energetic tracks may be presented in the morning, if the user often listens to dance and pop on their way to the gym before work.

The visual presentation of Daylist is equally as engaging as its musical output, with the color scheme evolving as the day progresses. At the beginning of each day, it greets listeners with yellow set against a blue backdrop, brightening up the morning. Later on in the day, it mimics sunset, and then a more moonlit style appears as night falls.

Users can currently access Daylist on their mobile devices in the “Made For You” hub. On the desktop app, listeners can find the same playlist by heading to the search bar and typing in the name daylist.

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Spotify has also made sharing Daylist easy, in the hopes that it will spur other users to try out the new function. These social shares can be a cheap and easy way for the company to advertise its latest function. Everyone can share a screenshot of their newly-updated playlist or go for the personalized stickers offered by the company, which can then be uploaded to various social media platforms.

Initially launched in select regions, including the US, Canada, the UK, and a handful of other markets, Daylist will gradually expand its availability to a global audience in the coming months.

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