Rihanna Is Sharing Baby Pictures of Her Newborn Son

What new parent can resist showing off their baby pictures? Not Rihanna, who has just shared the first pics of her newborn son. Rihanna gave birth to Riot Rose, her second child with A$AP Rocky, in August of 2023, and less than a month later, People has published the first photos of the new family of four.

In one of the adorable photos, Rihanna and A$AP are gazing lovingly at baby Riot, who is laying out on a blanket. Another picture shows Riot bundled up in a blanket in his mama’s arms. A third family photo has Rihanna holding Riot and Rocky holding 16-month-old RZA and my god, this is a beautiful family. Rihanna has her curly hair tied up in a high ponytail in the pics (practical for a busy mom of two), and of course keeps it stylish with an oversized denim jacket and electric blue leggings.

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The first time around, Rihanna and A$AP kept RZA’s name a secret from the public for over a year, though RiRi would share pictures of him on her Instagram. This time, we only had to wait a few weeks to learn the name of her second child, born Riot Rose Mayers on August 1, per E! News. Rihanna revealed her pregnancy during her super bowl halftime show in February, less than a year after the birth of RZA.

All I know is that if Rihanna is happy, I’m happy.

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