Mini JCW E PROtotype is a full-fat electric John Cooper Works

Mini has been revealing or teasing or launching variants of its all-new lineup since last September. It’s not too much yet, but there’s a lot of Mini going on. Here’s the latest, the camouflaged Mini Cooper JCW E Prototype that will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for a run up the hill, introduced to us six weeks after Mini showed us a camouflaged internal-combustion Cooper JCW. And, if you’ll remember, Mini showed an electric version of the new Cooper SE JCW last December. This JCW is going to rock more juice down electric avenue, though, the automaker saying there’s an “advanced electric powertrain … with cutting-edge technology” hiding under the skin.

The expectation is that the JCW E will use the same 54.2-kWh battery as in other Minis, but its front-mounted motor will make more than the 215 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque applied to the Cooper SE and Cooper SE JCW. Brand execs told Autocar that engineers worked to maintain a “go-kart feeling,” imparting similar sensations to the gas-powered JCW, the electric version’s greater weight getting necessitating larger wheels and wider tires to improve grip. A stiffer suspension and larger brakes should also be involved. And although the new architecture can support a dual-motor powertrain, there seems little chance of that happening.    

Same as the gas-powered Mini, the red and white camo is an homage to the red and white color schemes used in the 1960s for Minis in motorsports. The “37” logo commemorates the #37 Mini Cooper winning the 1964 Rallye Monte Carlo. Across the windshield, “Bulldog Racing” touts the team that won its class in this year’s Nürburgring 24-Hour race with a new camo’ed Mini. 

After the Mini JCW E’s Prototype’s run up the hill next weekend, the automaker says the global reveal comes in autumn this year.

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