Lily-Rose Depp Makes Influencer Bicycle Shorts Look Chic

Can Lily-Rose Depp reignite interest in bike shorts?

In 2021, the style surged in popularity among celebrities and content creators, with stars like the Kardashian-Jenners particularly enamored with these form-fitting athletic garments. High-end fashion labels, such as Balmain, Coperni, and Miu Miu, even provided elevated, runway-worthy variations for those seeking luxurious renditions. Since then, bike shorts have somewhat faded from the mainstream fashion scene, replaced by ’80s-inspired capri pants last year.

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During a weekend outing in Los Angeles, the actor wore an ensemble that thrusts bike shorts back into the spotlight. She sported a diaphanous green long-sleeved top from Paloma Wool paired with knee-length white shorts from Gimaguas. To complete her look, Lily-Rose Depp complemented her laid-back attire with sophisticated white Chanel sling-back pumps and a cream leather shoulder bag from Paloma Wool.

Some might argue that cycling shorts are reserved solely for spin class sessions. But influential dressers, like Diana, Princess of Wales, revolutionized the style in the ’90s, effortlessly pairing pastel pairs with laid-back graphic sweatshirts, trainers and high socks. Now, Lily-Rose is giving them a fresh spin with her Gen-Z edge, balancing the look with elegant, feminine accents.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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