Jennifer Lopez Basically Posted a Breakup Song to Grid

Can these two just like, do a Notes App post already? I have only a limited time on Earth and somehow I’ve spent half of it deciphering clues about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage.

The latest is a throwback from J.Lo, who celebrated her song “Cambia el Paso” turning three years old with an Instagram post amid divorce rumors. Sure, she might just be celebrating the track, but it does seem pointed. The title literally translates to “change the step,” and it’s a song all about moving on. She also released the song months after the end of her last major relationship, with Alex Rodriguez, so if this is the Lopez breakup anthem…bad news for Ben.

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Now that they’ve moved out of their shared home, it’s no surprise the A-list maybe-ex-couple are spending time apart—far apart. As in, opposite coasts for the Fourth of July, though they don’t seem too cut up about whatever’s going on. “She seems fine,” a source told People of Jennifer Lopez, who recently canceled her world tour to spend more time with her loved ones and definitely not because tickets weren’t selling. According to this insider, Lopez celebrated the Fourth “with family and friends” in the Hamptons. We didn’t spot her in our frame-by-frame analysis of that video from Michael Rubin’s white party, but we wouldn’t be shocked to find out she was there (they both went last year).

Affleck, meanwhile, stayed in Los Angeles to be with his kids, a different source told People. They also mentioned that he “visited his office,” a detail so random and unimportant it must mean something. Perhaps a slight dig at Lopez? Affleck is an in-demand writer-director-actor-producer. He sells tickets. He has an office and he visited it! Who knows. Over on The Daily Mail, you can see pictures of Affleck and two of his kids headed out to dinner together, and Ben has his wedding band on.

Guess the paso will cambia when it wants to.

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