JARANA Peruvian Restaurant Opens in Aventura 

JARANA, a modern Peruvian restaurant and pisco bar concept, has opened its doors in Aventura. The restaurant aims to capture Peru’s festive atmosphere and blend the South American country’s vibrant colors and flavors to create a unique and approachable dining experience. It features an open-air kitchen restaurant, full bar, lounge area highlighting pisco cocktails and outdoor dining terrace.

Acurio International, a renowned hospitality group, has conceptualized the establishment at the Esplanade at Aventura. The restaurant aims to bring Peru’s flavorsome and authentic cuisine to the culinary scene of South Florida while spreading the joyful spirit of Peruvian culture. The JARANA brand is the first culinary concept developed by Acurio International explicitly for the U.S. market. The hospitality and culinary experts team designed JARANA to introduce Peruvian cuisine’s unique flavors to the country. The South Florida market has been selected as the initial stage for the brand’s expansive growth plan.

JARANA is a Peruvian term for ‘spontaneous celebration,’ and the restaurant lives up to its name with a festive dining experience combining traditional Peruvian cuisine with culinary influences from Japanese, Chinese, and Italian cultures. Diners can savor a variety of Peruvian classics, ranging from fresh cebiches to spicy anticuchos.

“At JARANA, we’re creating a cultural bridge,” Chef Jesus Delgado says, JARANA’S Corporate Executive Chef. “Our menu is a canvas where the vibrant flavors of Peru dance with global culinary traditions, inviting our guests to a feast that’s both authentic and approachable.”

The restaurant’s menu items pay homage to the flavors and ingredients of Peru, presented in a casual yet sophisticated and contemporary manner. Menu highlights include various refreshing takes on “Cebiches & Tiraditos,” such as the Cebiche Nikkei made with tuna, cucumber, avocado, tamarindo, and soy sauce leche de tigre and Tiradito Bachiche featuring hamachi, parmesan, Leche de Tigre, avocado, chalaca, and olive oil. “Nikkei Bar” offerings, like Mar & Tierra, are served with shrimp, rocoto batayaki, lomito saltado Nikkei, and amarillo cebichera, expertly blending Peruvian ingredients with Japanese techniques. 

JARANA Aventura

The menu also features various “Causas,” a delicious, layered potato dish, with the Casera made with chicken, mayo, avocado, tomato, egg, and Huancaina sauce, being a standout. The “Piqueos” section of the menu includes Tuna Wantacos, three wonton tacos with Nikkei-style tuna tartare, avocado and aji amarillo sauce. Finally, “Anticuchos,” a common street snack in Peru consisting of skewered, grilled meats and seafood, are served with roasted potatoes, Peruvian corn, rocoto and Huacatay herb sauces.

“Our Aventura location will be a vibrant hub where guests can savor the essence of Peru in every bite and every moment,” says Chef Palacios, whose vibrant career spans over two decades with Acurio International.

JARANA will be open seven days a week at Esplanade at Aventura, located at 19505 Biscayne Blvd., Ste 5150, adjacent to the Aventura Mall.

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