Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station is now at its lowest price ever

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If you’ve ever even casually looked into getting a portable power solution for your home, then you probably know all about Jackery. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular brands in the portable generator space and always one of the top-selling options on Amazon, The Home Depot and more. Today, we’re bringing you a gigantic $700-off deal on the Jackery Explorer 2000 PRO Portable Power Station, bringing the total price down to just $1,199 from its original $1,899, the lowest it’s ever been. If you just want to get right to the deal you can do that right here, or learn more below.

$1,199 at Amazon

The Jackery Explorer 2000 PRO offers just about everything you could ever want from a power station of this size. It weighs 43 pounds, so while you might not be doing bicep curls with it, it’s certainly not tethered to one place either, especially thanks to its built-in ergonomic handle. It charges up to 100% from a wall socket in just 2 hours, a car outlet in 24 hours, or six of Jackery’s own SolarSaga 200 solar panels in 2.5 hours. More importantly, though, it can power up to eight devices at one time, including an air compressor for 86 minutes, an electric hammer for two hours or a hot plate for 48 minutes. It accomplishes this thanks to a stellar 2,160Wh capacity and 2,200-watt output power.

According to Jackery, the Explorer 2000 PRO takes less than 60 seconds to set up, saving time in an environment where, presumably, you’ll need power fast. It includes eight outlets (three AC outlets, two USB-A quick charge 3.0 outlets, 2 USB-C PD 100W outlets, one car outlet) so most modern devices should be able to be plugged in and charged without any issue. Last but not least, this power station comes with a two-year warranty and can be extended to five years, so you’ll be able to have some peace of mind about your purchase. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the $700 off deal, bringing the power station down to its lowest price ever, you can check it out right here. 

Key specs

  • 43 lbs
  • Wattage: 2,200W output
  • 2,160Wh capacity
  • 8 built-in outlets (3 AC, 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB-C, 1 car outlet)
  • Purchase includes 1 AC charging cable and 1 car charging cable
  • 2 year warranty can be extended to 5 years

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