Fired ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Used Fame To Lure Young Fans, Report Says


New allegations against beleaguered Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland reveal the voice actor who had played both of the hit Adult Swim show’s title characters pursued young fans, including multiple who were underage, according to interviews and text messages shared with NBC News, marking the latest accusations against Roiland, who was fired from the show earlier this year.

Key Facts

Text messages from 11 women and nonbinary people between 2013 and 2022 that were shared with NBC News reveal Roiland engaged with young fans on dating apps and on social media, calling them “hot,” asking their age and in some cases asking to meet them.

In some cases Roiland turned the conversation to a sexual nature, NBC News reported, while in one instance Roiland took a 20-year-old woman on a Tinder date before she said he sexually assaulted her, and in another, a 20-year-old woman accused Roiland of taking advantage of her while she was intoxicated.

Three of the 11 women interviewed by NBC News, whose names were kept anonymous, said they were younger than 16 when they texted with Roiland, who is now 43.

Roiland’s attorney Andrew Brettler told the outlet the allegations were “false and defamatory” (Forbes has reached out for comment).

The show’s other co-creator, Dan Harmon—who was also accused of sexual misconduct on the set of the NBC comedy Community, which he apologized forhas not commented on the allegations against Roiland.

Key Background

Roiland was charged in 2020 with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment stemming from an incident with a woman he was dating, whose name was kept anonymous—the charges against him were not published until January 2023. Roiland pleaded not guilty to the charges, and in March, prosecutors dropped the charges, finding not enough evidence to lead to a conviction.


Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim cut ties with Roiland in January amid a wave of domestic abuse allegations, and announced it would continue the show with new voice actors to play the characters of Rick and Morty in its upcoming seventh season, despite rumors the show would be canceled. At the time of Roiland’s departure, the show was less than halfway through its 70-episode renewal order from Adult Swim, a deal it inked in 2018. Season seven is set to premiere next month.

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