Believe it or not, the 12-foot tall Home Depot Halloween skeleton is already on sale

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If you’re a spooky season enthusiast, we’ve got some great news. Despite the fact that Home Depot’s spring sale hasn’t even wrapped up yet, the big orange retailer has just announced a limited early release of its scary-popular Halloween decorations including, you guessed it, Skelly, the gigantic 12-foot tall skeleton you’ve seen at the most popular trick-or-treating destination in your neighborhood. Of course, Skelly is joined by his loyal 7-foot skeleton dog companion, creatively named “Skelly’s dog,” and several other modern Halloween classics. The “Halfway to Halloween” sale won’t get you much in the way of deals, If you’re interested in picking up what will surely be some of the most-popular lawn decorations in October this year, before they sell out, you can check out some of our favorites below. Due to their popularity, there’s a limit of 1 per order on the biggest decorations of the bunch.

$299 at The Home Depot

This 12-foot tall skeleton is a classic, with an upgrade. This is the 2.0 version of the popular product which now includes LCD eyes with different settings all controllable by remote. The eyes not only light up with different displays, they also move. Like the previous version, Skelly 2.0 is just as easy to assemble as always and is sure to make your house the go-to destination during trick-or-treating season.

More great Home Depot Halloween decorations:

7 FT Skelly’s Dog – $199

  • The perfect companion to Skelly, this 7-foot tall skeleton dog has LCD eyes just like his 12-foot tall owner as well as a posable tail and jaw.

Jabberin Jack Giant 5 ft. Inflatable Talking Animated Pumpkin with Built-in Projector and Speaker Plug’n Play – $99.99

  • This is a great decoration if you want to get into the spirit but don’t quite want all of the eyes on your house. This inflatable pumpkin has a built-in speaker, self-inflates, and provides “over 70 minutes of animations, singing, talking and joking.”

7 FT. Animated Frankenstein’s Monster – $279 

  • Another oversized yard decoration for those who really want to show off, this classic Frankenstein’s monster has light-up features, moving eyes and arms and makes classic monster sounds when triggered by a built-in motion sensor.

Scary Harry 64.5 in. Motion Activated Talking LED Animatronic Killer Clown Halloween Prop – $74.98

  • This one is a little more on the “genuinely scary” side. The killer clown motif is universally hated by us normal people and universally beloved by people who love scaring all the rest of us. So if you insist on giving someone in your life nightmares this October, this animatronic killer clown is a great option for you. 

$379 at The Home Depot

“Evil Groot” seems to have become a bit of a trend lately. A very similar-looking design to this was a popular character to use in the Call of Duty video game last Halloween season and it seems like the idea is only continuing to expand. This 12.5-foot tall “deadwood skelly” can change its light-up chest color, has posable arms and its eyes even blink. Sadly, it does not come with a zombified Rocket Raccoon. 

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