9 Bikini Line Exfoliators, According to Dermatologists 2024

I went through a phase of waxing my bikini line (and suffering terrible ingrown hairs) and bought this product at the spa. Eventually, the Brazilian bikini waxing turned into occasional shaving, and still, I use this. What’s different about it is that you apply it to dry skin, not wet. It has a slightly, gel-like consistency and features fruit enzymes instead of chemicals. “These enzymes can help separate the overlying dead skin cells that clog and dull from the fresh, newer, healthy cells beneath,” says Dr. Shainhouse. I let the gel sit for a minute or so, and then rub it in circles. The dead skin satisfyingly rolls up and dissolves away—and there’s none of the burning or abrasion that I’ve experienced with other exfoliators.

  • Type: Enyzyme exfoliator
  • Form: Non-abrasive gel
  • Key ingredients: Pineapple extract, aloe, willow bark extract, coconut oil
  • How to use: Apply a thin layer on clean, dry (important) skin, let sit for a minute, then massage it in circles, and rinse. Use before waxing and after two to three times per week.

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