60 New, Popular Things On Amazon That Make Your Home So Much Better For Under $35


60 New, Popular Things On Amazon That Make Your Home So Much Better For Under $35

These goodies are flying off the virtual shelves.

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Upgrading your home life can be as simple as incorporating a few time-, money-, and sanity-saving items — like the 60 new and popular ones on Amazon you’ll find on this list. And by popular, I mean thousands of glowing reviews, all with prices that won’t break the bank.

From kitchen gadgets to elevated bedding to organizational options galore — shop them all now for delivery right to your front door. Your space will look vastly improved in a flash, and with everything priced under $35, you won’t be draining your wallet one bit.


These Chic Unbreakable Cups That Even The Kids Can Use

If your kids are always reaching for your fancy cups, now you can let them. These popular drinking cups look like real glass but are actually made of premium BPA-free acrylic — so even if the kids (or adults) drop them, they won’t break. The vibrant colors and unbreakable construction make them hard to resist but you’ll especially love that they’re easy to care for (aka they’re dishwasher-safe). With six in a set, they’re great for outdoor entertaining, too.


These Upcycled Kitchen Towels That Look So Good

These are the kinds of kitchen dish towels that you can feel good about purchasing. Made from a blend of natural cotton and upcycled denim, they prevent more textiles from going to the landfill. Oversized and absorbent, and with a high-end look, they’re the only dishtowels you’ll want to reach for. With four in a pack, you’ll be outfitted for a while.


These Classic Floral Mixing Bowls With Lids

If you can’t get enough of Dutch Delftware, now you can get the same feel in a versatile and, better yet, unbreakable version. This set of melamine mixing bowls features a beautiful blue floral pattern. Tight-fitting lids, non-slip rubber bases, and a nesting design add to their everyday practicality. Shoppers can’t get enough of them — just check out the 4.8-star rating after nearly 2,000 reviews.


This Realistic Faux Tulip Bouquet With 17,000 Perfect Ratings

Fresh flowers are a simple way to beautify your home but replacing them every week adds up quickly, making this popular faux tulip bouquet a wallet-friendly alternative. The petals and leaves were designed to look just like real tulips, including their natural colors and textures. As one shopper raved, “These exceeded all expectations! They look and feel absolutely real!” Offered in dozens of different colors, it’s a home accent you can’t pass up.


These Stackable Ice Cube Trays With A Handy Storage Bin

If you’re an ice snob, you’re going to love these stackable ice trays. With two flexible trays in a set, each one makes 32 perfectly sized ice cubes that are a breeze to pop out — right into the included storage container with a lid. No wonder this kitchen tool has become a popular option on Amazon.


These Affordable Food Storage Containers With Easy-Open Lids

This set of food storage containers includes 14 pieces for a total steal — especially considering they’re made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic that can withstand the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. The airtight lids feature a four-sided locking system that is easy to open, yet promises not to leak.


This Stackable, Foldable Set Of Storage Baskets

These storage baskets are foldable, stackable, and slide out for easy access. They are made from heavy-duty plastic and feature a locking design, making them a durable and secure option for use in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, the garage, and more. When not in use, collapse them for compact storage. Choose from a variety of pack sizes, from the featured four-pack to a comprehensive six-pack.


These Biodegradable Dish Cloths With Ocean Vibes

If the calming ocean patterns aren’t enough to make you hit Add to Cart, you’re sure to be wowed by how much money you’ll save using these reusable dishcloths. With six dishcloths in a set, each hefty cloth replaces an average of 17 rolls of paper towels and is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, from tile to wood. And when you’re done with them, you can feel good about composting them since they’re 100% biodegradable.


This Sleek Mug Warmer For Your Morning Cup Of Joe

Instead of microwaving your morning brew 10 times before the clock even strikes noon, get this electric mug warmer instead. It looks so modern, blending in seamlessly with counter- and desktops, but the best part is that it keeps beverages at ideal sipping temperatures all day. If you do forget to switch it off, don’t worry, it has a convenient auto-shut-off for added safety.


These Elevated Glass Soap Dispensers With A Vintage Feel

These highly rated soap dispensers will add an instant upscale look to your kitchen and bathroom counters. They’re made from amber glass with a vintage vibe and include high-performance pumps that are both rust- and corrosion-resistant. Peel and stick on the included stylized labels for easy identification of liquids.


These Fancy Floral Ice Molds

Prepare to feel fancy. This rose ice mold makes (you guessed it), four rose-shaped ice cubes — and big ones at that. And because they’re so gigantic, they melt slower, diluting drinks less quickly than smaller ice cubes do. Made of flexible silicone, the ice cube tray is easy to release, and the included lid makes filling and storing a breeze, too.


This Stylish Charging Lamp For Any Room In The House

This wallet-friendly lamp features a minimalist look and multiple functions, making it perfect for use in any room of your home. Use it as a lamp, night light (it’s dimmable), and wireless cell phone charger. The touch control design is so easy to use that you might want to pick one up for your kid’s room, too. It’s offered in two sleek silhouettes.


This Comprehensive Shower Caddy Set With Glowing Reviews

With over 14,000 five-star ratings, there’s no denying that this is the ultimate shower caddy set. It includes five pieces to hold everything from jumbo shampoo bottles to loofahs and razors, and it’s made from high-quality stainless steel that’s both rust- and scratch-proof. Installation is so easy with the included adhesives that can hold 40 pounds, all without any drilling.


These Rapid-Chill Whiskey Glasses That Require No Ice

Step up your whiskey game with these nearly perfectly rated liquor glasses. Made from premium, lead-free crystal, they’re designed to be used without ice. Simply place them in the freezer before use for rapid and undiluted chilling of your favorite beverages (really, it takes just 18 seconds). With two stunning glasses in a set, you’ll be ready to kick back and enjoy in no time.


These Affordable Under-Bed Storage Organizers

These budget-friendly storage organizer bags are the ideal size for storing your seasonal clothes and more in tight spaces — like under the bed or on closet shelves. With two spacious bags in a set, you’ll be able to pack away all the clutter for more pristine spaces. The bags are made from a lightweight, breathable material that’s rip-resistant, and the clear plastic covers zip closed to keep items free from dust but within easy view.


These Ultra-Soft Aloe-Infused Sheets

What makes these sheets so soft? Aloe vera. That’s right, these luxury microfiber sheets are infused with all-natural aloe vera, improving their softness and promoting skin hydration. For a shockingly reasonable price, you can bet on getting the comfiest sleep yet. The set includes two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and an extra deep fitted sheet designed to fit most mattress sizes.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


These Multi-Function Adhesive Hooks For Hanging So Many Things

These budget-friendly wall hooks are meant for hanging everything (almost, anyway). The flexible yet sturdy silicone material and four-prong design make them versatile enough to accommodate and grip everything from toothbrushes to razors to key rings, charging cables, and more. No tools are needed to install these adhesive hooks so you can start using them right away.


This Budget-Friendly Kitchen Tool For Measuring Pasta

Measure pasta like a pro with this spaghetti measuring tool. It’s made from durable stainless steel so you can bet it will last forever. Each measuring hole allows you to effortlessly measure pasta for one to four servings for perfect portions. The fact that this affordable kitchen tool is dishwasher-safe makes it even more practical.


A Fancy Faux Throw Blanket Available In So Many Colors

Once you get your hands on this faux throw blanket, you won’t want to get cozy without it ever again. Crafted from a fuzzy microfiber fabric, it has a silky texture that feels so good against the skin. The size and weight make it versatile enough to use for lounging on the couch, afternoon naps in bed, and for all year round. At such a good price and with so many colors to choose from, you might want to choose a few.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 18


This Funny Kitchen Gadget That’s Actually Super Useful

Don’t let the silly vampire design fool you, this kitchen gadget is actually super useful. When you pop off Gracula’s head, you’ll find it’s a garlic crusher hidden inside. Sharp teeth press, crush, or mince garlic with a simple twisting motion, saving time and preventing your hands from smelling like garlic.


This Practical Tiered Organizer That Wrangles It All

The L-shaped design of this tiered organizer makes it ideal for everything from under-sink storage to keeping your spices and condiments within easy view and reach. Plus, the bottom tier slides out for even easier access. It’s made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel and comes with suction cups to keep it firmly in place. No wonder so many shoppers are raving about it — just check out those 3,000+ perfect five-star ratings.


This Overflow Drain Cover For Better Baths

For some annoying reason, overflow drains tend to be installed too low — which means five minutes into your bath, nearly half the water is gone. This innovative — and seriously cute — silicone drain cover takes care of that problem. Just pop it over overflow (or bottom) drains to stop water from seeping away. Eight tentacles (aka suction cups) keep it securely in place while the top hole helps prevent flooding.


This Set Of Best-Selling Satin Pillowcases

Pamper yourself with this best-selling two-piece set of satin pillowcases. Crafted from a silky, vegan-friendly fabric, these pillowcases help protect from friction and dehydration, for healthier hair and skin. Plus, reviewers say they have a cooling effect that feels especially good on warm nights.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 36


This Giftable Grater That Looks Like A Sword

This cheese grater looks like a mini sword, hence its fitting name: Gratiator. It grates cheese, ginger, garlic, and more like a champ with its ultra-sharp stainless steel design. Plus, it makes for a great gift for cooks or anyone with a cheeky sense of humor. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe and shopper-approved. One reviewer raved, “Cute design, easy to use easy to clean. It makes it easy for my kid to help me cook. Really easy to […] place over a bowl and shredd.”


These Color-Changing Night Lights For Every Room In House

Over 3,000 shoppers gave these night lights a five-star shout-out. Things to love include their low price (two for only $10), minimalist design, eight color mode options, and a built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor. And energy-efficient LED light technology means these night lights will last for years to come (over 30,000 working hours). As one shopper gushed, “I love how responsive they are to light and dark and that they don’t block the other outlet from use. And the vintage nod/craftsman style fits my home perfectly.”


This Small But Mighty Electric Scrubber Brush For Grout & More

If you’re still using old toothbrushes to scrub your grout, it’s probably time to upgrade to a tool that’s made for the job — like this highly rated electric scrubber brush. It’s as intuitive to hold as an electric toothbrush (complete with nonslip grips) but has exponentially more cleaning power thanks to an oscillating brush head that scrubs 60 times per second. With nearly 20,000 glowing reviews to date, it’s a fan favorite for a reason.


These Terracotta Discs For Keeping Brown Sugar Fresh

These little terracotta sugar-saver discs are every baker’s dream, keeping everything from brown sugar, baked goods, and even dried fruits nice and moist. Just soak and pat dry the discs before inserting them into food storage containers to help promote moisture retention. They can also be used to absorb moisture when used dry — keeping crackers, spices, and more fresh. Consider them the kitchen gadget you never knew you needed.


These Renter-Friendly Robe Hooks

These wall hooks are removable and easy to reposition; plus, they won’t leave behind any sticky residue or marks, making them an ideal option for renters. But, once they are up, you can count on them staying put thanks to the strong adhesive and suction cup mount design. They can each hold a surprising 15 pounds, perfect for robes, towels, and more. There’s a reason they’re an absolute best-seller on Amazon.


This Sturdy Stool Made From Bamboo

For such an affordable price tag, this high-quality bamboo stool is a total bargain. Not only does the bamboo construction make it a sustainable and durable option, but it can also be used for multiple purposes. Use it to reach high cabinets, as a stool for kids to help out in the kitchen, or slide the C-shaped cutout side in front of the toilet to use it as a potty stool. It’s the perfect height — nearly 7 inches — for helping with so many tasks.


These Wildly Popular Velvet Hangers For A Streamlined Closet

If your closet is a mess of mismatched hangers, it’s time to upgrade to these sleek, ultra-popular clothing hangers. Not only will the slim design streamline your closet, but the velvet coating and notches will help keep your clothes from slipping off. Plus, the rounded edges help prevent shoulder bulges. As one shopper raved, “These are the best hangers [.] your clothes don’t slide off. They’re very well-made and stylish in the closet.”


These Crevice-Cleaning Brushes For Dust-Free Window Tracks

Cleaning narrow spaces just got easier with this three-pack of crevice-cleaning tools. The narrow design fits effortlessly into window tracks, fan blades, and other tight spaces, while the durable bristles sweep and scrub away dust, grime, and more. Plus, the ergonomic, slip-resistant handles make them extra comfortable and easy to hold so you can tackle every mess.


This Now-Iconic Stanley With A Rotating Handle

Forget getting up early to snag a new Stanley when this one is available to ship right now. It has everything you love about the cult cups, including an easy-to-drink-from flip spout and a vacuum-sealed design that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours; plus, it also has a rotating handle for convenient carrying and hanging.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 37


These Compressed Cotton Towels For Travel & Beyond

These individually wrapped face towels are compressed into less than an inch in size, making them ideal for tossing in bags for travel and beyond. Made from 100% cotton, they expand into a washcloth size when run under water. At such a low price for a pack of 100, they’re affordable, too.


These Mini Spatulas For Not Wasting A Single Drop Of Makeup Or Lotion

Get the most out of your cosmetics with this popular two-piece set of makeup spatulas. Think of them as mini versions of the silicone spatulas you use in the kitchen. They even feature flexible, angled tips that allow you to scrape and scoop every last bit of product out of even the narrowest containers and tubes. As one shopper gushed, “Best idea ever. I got so tired of throwing away bottles of expensive lotion with lotion still in the bottom that I could not get out. I can now get every drop of lotion out of the bottle.”


The Long Electric Lighter Perfect For Candles

This is the only lighter you’ll ever need again. Unlike traditional butane-fueled versions, this lighter is 100% electrically powered — which means it’s wind- and splash-proof and rechargeable so you can use it over and over again. Just charge it back up with the included USB-C cable. The extended lighter length keeps hands away from the heat, making lighting candles and hard-to-reach objects easier.


This Highly Rated Self-Draining Soap Tray

If you’re a bar soap kind of person but don’t love the slimy residue it leaves behind, you might want to get yourself one of these highly rated (4.7 stars), self-draining soap trays. Made of durable silicone, it features a slanted base with an open end so water and residue can drain right into the sink. Plus, raised prongs keep soap in a “floating” position so it can dry between uses.


This Set Of Comfy Pillows That Come With Pillow Protectors

You probably already look forward to bedtime, but these super comfortable pillows will make you want to tuck in early. The medium-density pillows are filled with hypoallergenic polyester microfiber. The included 100% cotton pillowcase protector provides a natural surface and can be removed for easy washing in the machine.


This Low-Maintenance Live Houseplant In A Chic Planter

This live houseplant is made for all the green thumbless people of the world. Not only is it low maintenance — requiring infrequent watering — but it’s also low-light, which means it can live in places that aren’t getting great exposure. It ships right to your door and comes complete with soil and a planter pot for an instant home upgrade.


This Expandable Drawer Organizer Made From Sustainable Bamboo

This drawer organizer not only looks way better than plastic versions but it’s better for the earth, too. It’s made from sustainable bamboo that’s both durable and easy to care for (just wipe with a damp cloth). Plus, the expandable design makes it a versatile option for organizing everything from utensils to office supplies.


This Durable Door Mat Made From Coconut Husk

Spruce up your home’s facade and welcome guests with this high-end yet affordable door mat. Crafted from coconut coir — a natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of coconuts — this door mat is both durable and effective at absorbing water and capturing debris so it doesn’t get trekked into the house.


These Hat Racks For Your Baseball Cap Collection

If you love spending time outdoors, you probably also have a collection of hats somewhere waiting to be organized. Enter these wall-mount baseball cap hat racks. There are two 6-inch rods in the order and each can hold up to 15 hats for maximum storage. Made from strong stainless steel, installation is easy, too — drill or use the included adhesives.


This Coffee Table Book With Pro Home Tips

This is the kind of coffee table book that looks so good that it’s a piece of decor in itself. But it won’t be collecting dust since it’s filled with useful professional design tips for a minimalist home — from decluttering to thoughtfully beautifying and organizing your home. Your friends will be asking to borrow it so better add a few to your cart.


A Set Of Rustic-Chic Wooden Spoons With Grippy Handles

You don’t have to go the plastic route to get the benefits of nonstick. This five-piece set of cooking utensils is crafted from 100% natural mango wood, which means they are nontoxic and durable. They feature nonstick qualities for easy maintenance and coated handles for added grip and style. With a variety of shapes and sizes included in the set, there’s one for every cooking task.


These Money-Saving Reusable Food Storage Bags

Ditch the one-time-use plastics and get this set of reusable food storage bags instead. Not only is an option that’s better for the planet, but it’s also better for your wallet. The set includes 20 bags in a variety of sizes — snack, gallon, and sandwich — that are BPA-free, leak-proof, and endlessly reusable. For cleanup, simply give a quick rinse with a bottle brush and air dry.


This Foldable Wood Wine Rack For Displaying All The Wine

This wine rack features a classic geometric design that blends in with a variety of home decor styles. It’s made from solid, eco-friendly wood and can hold up to 10 bottles. And since it’s collapsable, it folds down to a compact size for easy storage when not in use.


This Smart Label Maker With A Free App To Customize Your Template

Speed up the home organizing process with this smart label maker that fits in the palm of your hand. Just download the free app, design your labels — choosing from a selection of text options, emojis, templates, and more — and then print using wireless Bluetooth technology. The rechargeable battery lasts up to one month on a single charge so you can label until your heart’s content.


This Space-Saving Sliding Measuring Spoon

If you’re low on space or just love the idea of a one-and-done kitchen gadget, this adjustable measuring spoon will wow you. Made of durable and dishwasher-safe stainless steel, this measuring spoon features a silicone slide top with precise measurement lines ranging from a half teaspoon to one tablespoon. Shoppers are going wild over it, earning it more than 2,000 perfect ratings.


This New York Times Best-Seller Cookbook Shoppers Call Their “Go-To”

Out of dinner ideas? You won’t be after you snag this New York Times Best Seller cookbook. Within its covers, you’ll find 70 quick weeknight recipes, plus 30 impressive meals designed for those slow weekends with friends and family. Convenient full-color pictures make the recipes easy to follow along. Considering how much time you’ll save brainstorming, this book is a real steal at under $20.


This High-Quality Cordless Water Flosser

Floss like a pro with this highly rated water flosser. Three modes and four jet tips help remove plaque, improve gingivitis, and keep breath fresher. Since it’s powered by rechargeable batteries, there are no cumbersome cords to clutter your counters. One shopper noted, “great battery life. Almost a month without a charge. High-quality, convenient to use.”


This Easy-To-Use Indoor Plant Light

Whether you’re growing an indoor herb garden or just want to keep your plants alive with minimal effort, this indoor plant light will help. The full spectrum LED lights emit wavelengths that promote healthy growth and run on a convenient automatic on/off timer, which means you can set and forget it while ensuring your plants remain healthy and beautiful. The adjustable height means you’ll be able to use it on a range of house plant sizes.


This Compact Electric Toothbrush With A Chic Travel Case

This electric toothbrush by dentist-recommended brand Philips is great for home or taking on the go (it even comes with a sleek travel case). The three-month battery life (with three included AAAs) adds to its convenience so you don’t have to remember to constantly recharge it. With so much to love at such an affordable price, it’s no surprise that over 10,000 shoppers have given it a five-star review.


This Compact Colander That Expands To Fit Most Sinks

This popular colander expands to fit over most sinks for a hands-free option, but then slides closed, making it small enough to also fit in compact spaces. Reviewers especially appreciate its high-quality BPA-free plastic construction that can be safely used with hot water and even tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.


These Drain Snakes That Will Save You Time & Money

Clogged sinks are always a pain — not to mention costly to fix if you have to call in a pro. But this three-pack of drain snakes can save you time and money, getting drains flowing again with minimal effort. Just pop off the drain covers and insert the sturdy yet flexible barbed cleaner down the drain to hook and clear out hair and other debris. More than 4,000 shoppers have given these useful gadgets a perfect rating.


These Fan-Favorite Smart Plugs With A Compact Design

With two in a pack, these smart outlet plugs feature a clever compact shape so you can stack them in the same outlet. They have power buttons on the sides and can even be controlled with the convenient and free Kasa app. Plus, timer options allow for easy schedule setup to sync with your daily lighting needs. No wonder they’re a fan favorite on Amazon, with thousands of rave reviews.


This Cozy Fleece Blanket With Over 100,000 Five-Star Ratings

The glowing reviews tell you all you need to know about this fleece blanket. Shoppers love the super-soft fleece that’s warm while still being lightweight enough to use year-round. The low price and the fact that it’s low-maintenance (think washer and dryer safe) is icing on the cake. Choose from a variety of colors to match your home style.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 28


This Mini Heater That’s Big On Heat But Small In Size

This personal space heater may not be much bigger than your palm but it pumps out heat like the big boys. Powered by 500 watts and featuring efficient ceramic coils, it’s a small heater that will warm you up quickly without taking up tons of space or running up the electric bill. And because it’s so compact and has a minimalist design, it easily blends into the background so it won’t detract from your home’s aesthetic.


This Safe Knife Sharpener That’s So Simple To Use

Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is key to safe and precise meal prep. And because this knife sharpener is safe and simple to use, there’s no need to pay for a pro to do the job. Just hold the sharpener on a stable surface (it has a no-slip base and easy-grip handle) and slide the blades back and forth through the course or fine slots. That’s all there is to it. Your knives will thank you.


This Cast Iron Grill Press For Instagram-Worthy Burgers

This heavy-duty cast iron grill press applies 3 pounds of pressure for even and quicker cooking, and picture-perfect grill marks. Use it to make burgers, crispy bacon, and all the panini sandwich variations you can think of. The stay-cool wooden handle makes it safe and easy to use.


This Steam Cleaner That Requires No Chemicals

Some messes need more than paper towels to clean them up — like greasy stovetops, grimy grout, and stained upholstery. That’s where this handheld steam cleaner comes in. It requires no harsh chemicals (just water) to tackle even the dirtiest jobs. With nine attachments included, there’s a precise tool for small to large jobs, and even one for steaming wrinkles out of your clothes.


This Must-Have Tangle-Free Charging Cable

With all the devices we have in our homes these days, a tangle of cords can get out of hand pretty quickly, making this retractable charging cable a must-have. It includes three cables — including USB-C, lightning, and micro — so you can charge iPhones, android divides, Kindles, and more with one space-saving, tangle-free charger.

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