25 Regal Baby Names That Mean “King”

Finding the perfect name for your baby is no easy task. And no pressure, they’ll only be stuck with it for their entire life! That’s why you can’t go wrong with a classic name rooted in history. Sure, you could find inspiration within your own family‘s history, but if you’re hoping your child will be a great leader one day, bestowing them with a name associated with monarchs couldn’t hurt. And these baby names that mean “king” will definitely give you all the royal vibes.

From England to the shores of Africa and beyond, these regal names may not guarantee your child a spot on the throne. Still, the meaning behind them might just help them remember that being courageous and kind are honorable qualities for anyone — not just kings — encouraging them to lead their own lives without fear and with a whole lot of love!

1. Kingston

You probably recognize this name as the capital and largest city of Jamaica, but its origins are actually British. Since Britain colonized Jamaica in 1707, the island has been greatly influenced by all things British. And if there’s one thing England is known for, it is its royal history. It’s no surprise then that the name Kingston literally means “king’s town.”

2. Brenin

A derivative of Brennan, this name has Celtic roots and is well-known in the Welsh culture to mean “prince,” “king,” or “chief.”

3. Kinsey

Kinsey is a unisex name that evolved from the Old English name “Cynesige” — cyne meaning royal and sige meaning victory — and means a “king’s victory.” Kinsley and Kingsley are similar choices.

4. Ryan

Shortened from the thirteenth-century Irish surname, O’Ryan (or O’Rian), this name means “little king.”

5. Rory

A Gaelic classic, Rory is a tribute to the twelfth-century king, Rory O’Connor, a steadfast king of Ireland during the Middle Ages. Of course, Gilmore Girls fans know and love Rory as Lorelai’s bookish, well-caffeinated daughter.

6. Khan

Meaning “nobleman” or “ruler” in the Turkish culture, Khan is also a name of status often inherited by great leaders in Mongolia. Does the name Genghis Khan ring a bell?

7. Khari

Of Swahili origin, Khari means “kingly” or “kinglike,” but over the past decade, it has gained a bit of popularity in the U.S. as a name for both boys and girls.

8. Rex

From the Latin word for “king,” the name Rex has been used to refer to the highest of royal stations and is now common as a given name in some countries.

9. Derek

Changed to Derek or Derrick by Flemish immigrants who settled in England, the name originates from the German name Theodoric, which means “power of the tribe.”

10. Malik

Popular throughout the Islamic world, and the Arabic word for “king” or “sovereign,” Malik is a name often chosen for religious purposes. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. as a first name for baby boys.

11. Darius

The name comes from Darius the Great, or Darius I, who ruled Persia from 522 BC until his death in 486 BC. It means “upholder of the good.”

12. Emyr

The name Emyr is a variation of the Welsh name Ynyr. It originates from the Ancient Roman name Honorius, which means “honor.”

13. Eero

While this name doesn’t technically mean “king,” it does mean “eternal ruler” — and that’s pretty king-like. Of Finnish and Estonian origins, this name is traditionally masculine but would work for any gender.

14. Adelio

Mainly used in Spanish-speaking countries, the Spanish name Adelio means “an honorable and kind person.” However, it also has Germanic roots, where it gets its royal meaning of “the father of the noble prince.”

15. Reagan

If you’re not afraid of a name that ranks pretty highly on the charts (it’s currently sitting at #370 in U.S. births), Reagan makes for a classic choice. Of Irish origin, it’s gender-neutral and means “little king.”

16. Rey

Star Wars fans likely love this gender-neutral name for its connection to the epic franchise, but it also has great meanings: “king,” “bold, courageous,” and “wise.”

17. Alaric

Historically used as a boy’s name, the German Alaric means “king” or “all-powerful ruler.” It served as a traditional name for leaders of the Ostrogoth people who lived near the Black Sea.

18. Conri

If you like to walk on the wild side (and presume your little one will, too), consider this Old Irish name. It means “wolf king” or “king of hounds.”

19. Idris

Popular actor Idris Elba has arguably put this name on the map in recent years. It means “like a king” and “ardent lord.”

20. Sigourney

Sigourney Weaver traded in her given name of Susan for this French moniker that means “daring king” after reading it in The Great Gatsby.

21. Raj

There’s something about a short, one-syllable name that seems to almost guarantee charisma. It doesn’t hurt that, in addition to meaning “king” and “royalty,” this name means “splendid,” “to shine,” and “eminent.”

22. Zeno

Who doesn’t love a good Z name? Of Greek origin, this name means “gift of Zeus,” aka the Greek “king” of the gods.

23. Ara

A gender-neutral name of Arabic and Armenian origin, Ara means “king” or “lion.” It has another animal-linked meaning in Teutonic: “intelligence of an eagle.”

24. Theoden

Yes, fans of The Lord of the Rings — you do recognize this name. In JRR Tolkien’s iconic work, Theoden is the king of Rohan. So, turns out his name was quite literal, as this British pick means “king.” Bonus: Theo is honestly one of the best nicknames.

25. Bodi

This Hungarian boy’s name means “God protect the king,” not to be confused with the popular pick Bodhi, a Buddhist name meaning “awakening; enlightenment.” Either way, your kid has a cool name with a great meaning!

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