2025 Ford Mustang GTD gets exterior color palette option with thousands of hues

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD is attacking the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, but Ford has some news for us to hear as the super-Mustang goes up the hill.

For one, the Mustang GTD competing in the Festival of Speed is showing off a new paint color called “Indulgent Blue.” It’s just one of the many “Extended Color Palette” choices that Ford is touting as an option for the GTD this week. The options are nearly endless, as Ford says the Extended Color Palette consists of thousands of colors (there are only six standard paints) you can choose from. And here you thought Porsche’s Paint-To-Sample (PTS) catalog was deep. In all fairness to Porsche, though, the Sonderwunsch program is still second-to-none when it comes to deep personalization of every part of the car.

How you choose the color is rather simple. Those who are lucky enough to buy one will be able to share an example of their desired color with the Mustang GTD Concierge team. From there, the team will do its best to match that color from a catalog of shades and hues. Considering the “thousands” of colors in this catalog, we have a feeling that Ford will be able to color-match anything you might want.

But of course, you can take this one step further. Ford is offering an “Exclusive Extended Color Palette Lock-Out Option” that will ensure your GTD will be the only one ever painted in the color of your choosing. It seems highly unlikely that someone will end up with the same color as you with thousands of shades to choose from, but Ford’s offering a way to make sure your GTD is a true one-of-one when it comes to the paint.

Pricing for these highly-exclusive paint options wasn’t made available, but you can trust that it’ll be an exorbitant add-on for the Extended Color Palette and even more ludicrous for the lock-out option. All this, on top of a base price that Ford suggests will start around $300,000.

You’ll be able to watch the GTD storm up the hill in the Batch 6A class of cars this week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed where it will run alongside modern supercars. Ford says that it will have even more GTD news come Monterey Car Week in August, too.

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